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How did Adam reduce his knee swelling after an ACL and meniscus tear?

Male athlete suffering from pain in leg while exercising outdoor

Last spring, Adam was playing indoor soccer, twisted his knee when his cleats got stuck in the artificial turf and heard a loud “pop.” His ACL and meniscus were torn.

He needed to get surgery and had an ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. After the surgery, he had persistent swelling in his knee that worried him even though he had taken Ibuprofen for 8 weeks already.

During his physical therapy sessions, we observed that he had a strange pocket of fluid on the outside of his knee above his knee cap. It was slightly painful to touch it, but his surgeon said it was a common occurrence after surgery.

Adam asked me if there were any supplements he could take to reduce his pain and swelling because he was tired of taking Ibuprofen. As a physical therapist, I have many clients who ask me about the best ways to reduce inflammation.

A little inflammation is a natural part of the healing process; however, excessive inflammation can delay healing. After most surgeries, inflammation is usually increased due to trauma that occurs to soft tissue during surgery.

Surgery, as you know, is an invasive technique and it puts the body through significant trauma. If the immune system is very weak, many doctors will not perform surgery due to the risk of medical complications.

I told Adam about our turmeric and suggested he read the information on our website to learn how our turmeric could help him. He realized we had the highest potency turmeric available and ordered a bottle.

After two weeks of taking our turmeric, he told me he had less pain and swelling in his knee. He stopped taking Ibuprofen and he was starting to exercise more. The pocket of swelling by his knee started to decrease and we were able to restore his motion and strength in the following months.

Adams’s experience is similar to what is shown in the studies on turmeric extract. Several years ago, I started reading through dozens of studies on turmeric to discover the optimal dose for reducing pain and inflammation.

In my research, I found many studies showed that 500-2000 mg of turmeric extract per day can reduce knee pain and improve physical function. These benefits were comparable to Ibuprofen and Diclofen, but turmeric was shown to have few side effects.

NSAIDs and opioids can help with short-term pain relief, but they aren't the best long-term solutions. Many people have experienced stomach cramps and digestives problems when taking NSAIDs and opioids. Also, it is well known that NSAIDs are shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

As we have heard in headline news for the past few years, there is an opioid epidemic in the United States because it’s very easy to develop an addiction to prescription medications like Oxycontin, Percocet, and Hydrocodone.

A big part of my mission is to help people reduce their reliance on prescription medicine and find alternative ways to reduce pain and inflammation.

Several years ago when I learned about turmeric’s potential to help people, I started looking for a good turmeric supplement. Then, I found a great injustice in the turmeric industry.

Many studies used between 500-2000 mg of curcumin per day. Curcumin is the active ingredient Turmeric that promotes a healthy inflammation response in the body.

Many suppliers only provide 50-100 mg of curcumin per capsule which is below the dose of curcumin used in studies.

Active Atoms contains 15x more curcumin than many brands containing what we believe is the highest amount of curcumin per capsule of this size.

Most people seem to benefit from taking 2 capsules of Active Atoms for 1-2 months then tapering down to one capsule per day to promote a healthy inflammation response.

Although curcumin is not considered a treatment for knee arthritis, the research shows that it's very beneficial to reduce knee pain and improve physical function for people who have knee osteoarthritis when you take the right dosage.

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