Turmeric Curcumin

to Fight Inflammation


15x Stronger than Many Turmeric Brands

Supports joint health

Boosts the immune system

Promotes memory and
brain function


Do you have excessive


chronic inflammation effects - 5 things

Reasons to start a daily routine of Active Atoms to

Combat Inflammation


Promotes a healthy inflammation response

Excessive inflammation may cause joint pain, memory loss, weight gain, and digestive problems.

Turmeric Extract promotes a healthy inflammation response through multiple pathways. You can read this article to learn more about the optimal dose of turmeric for inflammation.


Improves joint function

Shows 1500 mg of Turmeric Extract per day for 28 days can improve joint function. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of turmeric for joint problems like knee arthritis.


Boosts the Immune System

An out of control immune response can lead to disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, Psoriasis, common colds, severe symptoms from viral infections, and autoimmune problems. Read this article to learn how Turmeric Extract helps to boost the immune system.


Supports digestive health

The gut microbiome is essential for healthy living. You can read this article to learn how researchers are discovering how Turmeric Extract helps digestive problems like IBS and ulcerative colitis.


Promotes Brain Function

Years of systemic inflammation takes a toll on brain cells and contribute to memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

You can read this article to learn more about the benefits of Turmeric Extract for dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.


Enhances Mood

Inflammation is linked to depression, anxiety, stress, and mood disorders. Read this article to learn how Turmeric Extract helps brain health, mood, and cognitive function.

What is so powerful about Active Atoms

Turmeric Extract?

turmeric extract vs. powder

Active Atoms Turmeric Extract contains 95% curcuminoids.

Turmeric Powder, used for cooking and added to many turmeric supplements, only contains 5% curcuminoids.

The curcuminoids in Active Atoms provide the "secret sauce" for inflammation relief.

We believe Active Atoms contains the most Turmeric Extract per capsule of this size on the market, making it the highest concentration of curcuminoids you can get in a Turmeric supplement.

Why are many Turmeric Supplements a


Active Atoms 15x more potent

Studies have shown that 500-1500 mg of Turmeric Extract per day provides health benefits. Studies do not show strong evidence of health benefits below 500 mg of Turmeric Extract per day from Turmeric supplements.

Many Turmeric supplements only provide 50 mg of Turmeric Extract per capsule. You would have to take 15 capsules from many brands to equal only 1 capsule from Active Atoms. If you read their labels, you'll find that their marketing is misleading resulting in a potential placebo pill.

You can read this article to learn how Active Atoms compares to five misleading Turmeric supplements on Amazon.

Why is Active Atoms the

Most Potent?

Active Atoms turmeric comparison

We fill our entire capsule with Turmeric Extract, not Turmeric Powder. Turmeric Powder is much cheaper, less effective, and may contain high amounts of lead.

One of our capsules is packed with 750 mg of Turmeric Extract. How much Turmeric is that?

Well, just to give you an idea, several top-selling Turmeric supplements on Amazon only contain 50 mg of Turmeric Extract per capsule.

If you do the math, you'll find that Active Atoms is 15x stronger than these other Turmeric brands.

Active Atoms is enhanced with Bioperine® for

Better Absorption


Turmeric, by itself, has very poor absorption by the body. You need to take it with black pepper.

Active Atoms contains Bioperine®, a patented form of black pepper extract shown to improve the absorption of Turmeric by 2000%.

Do you really need a

Turmeric Supplement?

Turmeric Powder, used for cooking, only contains 5% curcuminoids, but Turmeric Extract contains 95% curcuminoids so taking Active Atoms daily is the best option if you want the optimal dose of turmeric to fight inflammation.

You can read this article to learn about the differences between Turmeric Extract and Turmeric Powder.

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How is Active Atoms helping


I have rheumatoid arthritis. This product has removed my inflammation and pain immediately much faster than other turmeric products.

- Ashley

Best product. I have a meniscus tear in my knee… had lots of pain and having trouble walking for a long distance. I started taking these supplements and felt better within days. I also take joint supplements and became a vegan so don’t think I’ll be needing surgery.

- Eric B

My wife was diagnosed with spinal arthritis and to say the least, we began to think that for the rest of her life she was going to be on Ibuprofen. After many failed attempts of buying turmeric pills, she had stumbled across a YouTube video from this company. What caught her attention is that they weren’t just trying to sell you their product, but it was explaining what are the important factors to look at when you are buying turmeric pills. She has been consistently taking these for about a month now and we couldn’t be anymore happier. She barely has any pain and I finally get to see her moving and happy again. Will definitely continue to buy this product.

- Charlie S.


So I bought this product a while back, and my hands stopped hurting after maybe 30 days of use. After I ran out, I did not reorder and tried a different product (to which I had a negative reaction to), and then after another month of just letting my hands hurt, I bought this turmeric again, and once again my hands stopped hurting. Highly recommend.

- Brandi B.

Great product! Glad to know I'm actually getting the extract and not the root. Best of all, I'm not ingesting toxins or lead like with other cheap products.

- Patricia

I usually get inflammatory discomfort after certain meals but not anymore with this Turmeric supplement. I had a big meal the other day and following the meal I took one capsule of this supplement and it kept me feeling in check for the rest of the day. The capsule is pretty easy to swallow.

- Mo

Being a sponsored athlete and training as hard as I do, I've always looked for the newest and best product to help with recovery. Also, I'm still recovering from an injury and this product has helped decrease the inflammation in my injury and the soreness in my muscles isn't like it was before taking the product. I can definitely feel an improved difference after taking this product after one day! It's been a few weeks and this is a product that I will continue to take and has become part of my recovery regiment.

- Shay

Recommended by

health professionals

mark robinson 06

Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT is a physical therapist and the co-founder of Active Atoms and Evercore Injury Recovery.

He strongly recommends weaning off prescription anti-inflammatories under the supervision of a doctor and trying plant-based alternatives like Active Atoms for inflammation support.

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Our mission is to equip people to live with freedom. Whether it's freedom from inflammation or human slavery, we all have the right to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Modern-day human slavery is one of the most critical health crises of our time and we are committing to fighting back with your help.

As a customer of Active Atoms, $4 of every 2-month supply bottle purchased and $6 of every 4-month supply bottle purchased goes towards a non-profit called Rescue Freedom to supply food/nutrition to women and children getting rescued from sex trafficking.

Learn about Rescue Freedom here.

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