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What is the Optimal Turmeric Dosage for Inflammation?

optimal dosage

Based on several independent studies, you should take between 500-1500 mg of Turmeric Extract per day to fight inflammation, but before you buy a Turmeric supplement you need to verify it contains a high dose of Turmeric Extract and not Turmeric Powder (3,4). Why?

Turmeric Extract contains the highest concentration of curcumin, one of three curcuminoids shown by studies to reduce joint swelling and pain, promote digestive health, improve brain performance and memory, support normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure, fight cancer cells, promote healthy skin, and help with nearly every health issue associated with excessive inflammation in the body.

The benefits of Turmeric are powerful, but a high dose of Turmeric Extract can be hard to find because many companies mislead customers by advertising the amount of Turmeric Extract and Turmeric Powder combined even though each capsule contains little Turmeric Extract.

Sometimes, they don't list the amount of Turmeric Extract on the label which makes it challenging to determine how much Turmeric Extract you are actually getting in each capsule. Unfortunately, many Turmeric supplements add Turmeric Powder to fill their capsules because they can buy Turmeric Powder for less money and make more profit.

Tumeric Extract is more expensive because it's a highly concentrated form of curcumin that undergoes an intricate extraction process. For example, the type of premium Turmeric Extract in Active Atoms contains 95% curcuminoids. In contrast, Turmeric Powder has about 3-5% curcuminoids. Since many research studies used 500-1500 mg of Turmeric Extract (curcumin), we believe it's more beneficial to stay within this daily range (3,4).

It would be nearly impossible to get that dose of curcumin by eating raw turmeric or using Turmeric Powder. It's beneficial to eat raw Turmeric because you'll get additional phytonutrients, but most people don't eat raw Turmeric on a regular basis and it would be difficult to consume enough curcumin to receive the therapeutic benefits described in numerous studies.

Why is Active Atoms the Optimal Dose of Turmeric?

Each capsule of Active Atoms contains 750 mg of Turmeric Extract making it what we believe is the highest potency Turmeric Extract available on the market. You would have to take 15 capsules from many other brands to get the same amount of Turmeric Extract in one capsule of Active Atoms.

Many customers prefer to take two capsules (1500 mg of Turmeric Extract) per day for one month, then taper to one capsule (750 mg of Turmeric Extract) per day for maintenance. After 1-2 months, it's a good idea to take a break for 1-2 weeks before starting back up again. Our customers have benefited from this dosage based on testimonials and feedback we have received from them.

In addition, Active Atoms contains BioPerine®, a patented and concentrated form of black pepper extract shown to dramatically improve the absorption of turmeric. To further enhance absorption, we recommend taking Active Atoms with a meal.

Since lead contamination can be a problem with Turmeric Powder, Active Atoms sends their premium Turmeric Extract capsules to an independent lab for lead testing and analysis to ensure your turmeric supplement is safe and pure.

If you have not benefited from other Turmeric supplements, then it's likely because the capsules were filled with mostly Turmeric Powder and not Turmeric Extract.

For the optimal dose of Turmeric to fight inflammation, switch to Active Atoms or try it for the first time to support your active lifestyle.

About Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT


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