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My family experience with turmeric

By Emjudy Santiago, Edited by: Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT | November 24, 2019

my family's experience

I never thought dancing at a wedding would be so dangerous. It was raining that night. Although there were canopies over the dance floor, the rain was able to drip onto the wooden floor.

I slipped on the water and my left knee dislocated, completely tearing my Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Anyone that follows any sports team knows that a complete ACL tear is “A Career Killer”. It was June 2017, and I was about to go on a journey like no other that I had experienced in my life.

Not only did I have an ACL tear, but I was somehow able to fold my meniscus in half, which caused severe pain for several weeks. Physical Therapy, knee braces, and lots of pain medications and shots barely calmed the pain.

My surgeon advised me that I would need to be off my feet for 3 weeks completely and it would take nine months to 1 year to recover if she was to replace my ACL.

She advised me that at my age, 41 at that time, the responsibility of caring for a sick husband, 2 school-age children, and a recently inherited demented dad, I would not have the support and rest time I would need to heal properly; therefore, she would not be able to replace my ACL.

She would only remove half my meniscus, clean up the debris that was swelling my left knee and send me to physical therapy to strengthen my leg. She told me I will never be able to run, dance, or exercise again. I will have to live a sedentary life and walk for fitness.

I resigned to my responsibilities of caring for others and endured the never-ending everyday pain. I went to physical therapy until my authorizations ran out.

I took Tylenol, Vicodin, and Cod Liver oil as pain relievers. I slept with my knee braces at night for a year, so that I didn’t reinjure my knee moving around.

Eventually, the pain was only bad when I did yard work, or cleaned too much. I was able to walk for 20 minutes before my left knee started to swell and I had to take Tylenol or anti-inflammatory medicines to help subdue the pain.

It never went away completely until my husband experienced a breakthrough in his life.

One week after I injured my leg, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer that metastasized to his liver. This was a devastating report. My oldest son lost his battle to pancreatic cancer 3 years prior.

My husband was already immunocompromised, in other words, he already had a weak immune system. In September 2004, his sister donated one of her kidneys to him when his kidneys failed from an inherited kidney disease that ran in his family.

He had to take anti-rejection medications to keep his body from fighting a kidney that was not his own. He was doing well until 6 weeks after my son died from pancreatic cancer at the tender age of 21.

My husband was in and out of the hospital for 3 years, fighting to keep his transplanted kidney. He didn’t want to go back on dialysis and was willing to take any medications the nephrologist gave him, even if it might give him cancer. It was a risk, a 30% chance risk.

After 5 months of chemotherapy, my husband’s transplanted kidney finally failed and he had to start dialysis, 3 days a week, 4 hours each day, large needles stuck in his arms, attached to a machine that cleans toxins from his blood.

The chemo didn’t work, so his oncologist tried 3 weeks of radiation and chemo at the same time. This caused his transplanted kidney to go into rejection.

It was February 2018 and all treatments had to stop.

His transplanted kidney needed to be surgically removed and he had to stop all anti-rejection medications because he no longer needed to be on it. That was not easy though.

The medication he had to stop was prednisone. It is not a medication that can be stopped right away. He had to slowly get off of it. It took 6 months.

During that time, his oncologist stated he didn’t want to give him any more treatments because getting off prednisone was already dangerous to a person’s body. Anything more could kill him.

A friend of ours advised him to take turmeric and the cancer will go away. She said her dad had a tumor in his stomach and after eating turmeric every day for months, it eventually disappeared.

So, of course, we went online and did some research and my husband decided to take turmeric twice a day. When he couldn’t find the organic root to eat, he would take a turmeric pill in the morning and a pill at night.

A year later, in February 2019, the CT scan results stated that his cancer was resolved. His recent CT scan in August confirmed he is still clean. My husband’s oncologist considered him to be in “remission”, but I declared him a miracle from GOD and cancer-free!

This is a screenshot of Emjudy’s husband’s latest CT scan showing that he is cancer-free. 

I didn't know if it really was the turmeric that healed him, but we knew it worked for my friend’s dad so it must have worked for my husband. At that point, I decided that I would start taking 2 pills in the morning and 1 pill to my dad too.

When I assumed responsibility for my dad in October 2017, he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. His long-term memory was good, but his short-term memory was not.

He would ask the same questions every 5 minutes or so. He could not remember anything new except little bits of information, like the layout of my house.

In March 2019, I started him on 1 capsule of Active Atoms turmeric every morning. Father’s day weekend, the Saturday before Father’s day, I was grocery shopping with my husband and dad.

I put a rack of beef ribs in the cart and my dad said, “wow, that’s a lot of beef.” “What do you need all that meat for?’” I told him I was going to BBQ tomorrow for father’s day. He said, “Great, I can’t wait.”

The next morning I woke my dad up for breakfast, we all ate quietly. Then, my dad went up to my husband and said, “I heard it’s father’s day. Are we going to BBQ?” That was just the beginning.

My dad can now hold conversations with people. He’s not completely dementia-free, but he now remembers who his grandchildren are and their names.

As for me, I have been on Active Atoms turmeric for over 8 months. This past summer I took down huge trees in my backyard. I used chainsaws, big and small, axes and machetes to break them into small pieces used for firewood.

I started practicing soccer with my 13-year-old son. I played soccer when I was in my 20s and I loved it. Now I can run around without pain or being unstable because I was able to strengthen the muscles around my left knee without pain.

I can’t claim turmeric as the miracle root for all illnesses, but I know it is a strong anti-inflammatory antioxidant blessing from God!

Why is Active Atoms turmeric the best choice for you? 

One of our capsules contains 750 mg of turmeric extract which is 15x more potent than many brands. We believe that we have the highest amount of turmeric extract per capsule of this size on the market.

The studies show you need 500-2000 mg of turmeric extract per day. Many turmeric brands mislead you by advertising "high potency", but most only give you 50-100 mg of turmeric extract per capsule which is only a fraction of what you need.

In addition, our turmeric contains BioPerine which is a patented and purified form of black pepper extract. It contains a higher percentage of black pepper which enhances the absorption of turmeric by the body.

The company that developed BioPerine describes it as a thermonutrient because of its ability to enhance the body’s natural thermogenic activity.

Other turmeric brands may contain black pepper extract, but we believe BioPerine is a more potent form of black pepper extract. There are studies showing that BioPerine can enhance the absorption of turmeric by 2000%.

We send our turmeric to a third-party lab to test for heavy metals including lead and we share the lab report with you on our website because we believe in transparency.

We provide you with turmeric you can trust and confidently recommend to your friends and family.

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