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My Aunt’s brain lesion disappeared

brain lesion (1)

My Aunt Helen is a go-getter so we were shocked when she told us she had a disease in her brain.

Helen is a busy regional sales director for a multi-billion-dollar company and she supervises seven retail stores in southern California. She also likes to ride mountain bikes, hike, and stay active which makes her strange diagnosis even more puzzling.

In the fall of 2017, Aunt Helen told us she was starting to feel unusually tired and fatigued. She had frequent headaches, body aches, joint pain, and a sense that something was wrong inside her body.

Helen is the type of person who only wants the best and she was not going to take any chances with her health. She searched for the best neurologist in southern California and scheduled her first visit.

Based on her symptoms, her neurologist diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis didn't make sense to Aunt Helen because she did not feel the typical symptoms that one would feel with multiple sclerosis.

Next, she had blood work and a spinal tap which came back negative for multiple sclerosis. But, her neurologist insisted she still had it.

At this point, Aunt Helen was getting really nervous as most of us would in this situation. Why did she lose 30 pounds in a few months without any explanation? Did she have multiple sclerosis or something worse? Was there a tumor in her brain?

Finally, she had an MRI of her brain. The MRI showed multiple lesions including one lesion the size of a golf ball. A lesion in the brain can indicate brain cell death, tumor growth, plagues, or infections.

Her doctor didn't know why she had these lesions and there was no clear plan for her to get better. Meanwhile, my aunt continued to lose weight and her strength faded with each passing day.

For the next two weeks after the MRI, she researched for medical treatments, nutrition plans, supplements, and anything that could help her get rid of these brain lesions and feel normal again.

In her research, she discovered that turmeric has anti-tumor properties and she remembered that I owned a turmeric supplement company. She ordered a bottle of our turmeric on Amazon and starting taking one capsule daily.

In addition, she also cut out processed foods in her diet and she took a multi-vitamin and CBD oil. She asked her neurologist if these supplements could help her, but her doctor brushed them off as a waste of money.

If you knew my Aunt Helen, you would realize that she’s a fighter – the type of person not willing to settle for “no” as an answer. She wasn’t going to lose hope even though her doctors were not giving her any solutions.

What happened next, completed shocked her neurologist.

After two months of taking Active Atoms turmeric, CBD oil, a multivitamin, and cutting out processed foods in her diet, she had a second MRI on her brain.

As she waited nervously in the doctor’s office for the results, her neurologist opened the door to her room then quickly walked out. Helen thought that was strange.

Her neurologist thought she was in the wrong patient room because all the lesions in her brain were gone!

Her doctor wanted to send her to the lab again for blood work because she couldn’t believe the MRI results were from the same person.

During the two months of Aunt Helen's self-healing journey, she went to another neurologist for a second opinion and she had blood work done from the same lab.

She handed the results of her blood work to her first neurologist and everything looked normal. Her neurologist asked her for a list of all the supplements she was taking because she had never seen large brain lesions disappear so quickly.

Helen started to regain her strength, her body aches went away, and she was feeling like herself again. Our whole family felt like a boulder was lifted off our shoulders.

She continued to eat healthy and take Active Atoms turmeric, but she wanted to experiment by process of elimination to see if our turmeric was helping her.

She stopped taking our turmeric and she tried three different brands of turmeric. As you know, Aunt Helen only wants the best so she researched the ingredients from many different turmeric supplements.

She did not find any brand that came close to the amount of turmeric extract in one capsule of Active Atoms. She switched back to Active Atoms turmeric and immediately felt the difference.

While taking Active Atoms turmeric, she feels less joint pain and better mobility. She recently told me that more people need to know about our turmeric because it helped to boost her immune system and fight inflammation during one of the toughest moments in her life.

Aunt Helen was gracious enough to let me share her story and we are planning to film a short video so she can explain how Active Atoms turmeric changed her life.

For a while, I was hesitant to share this story because it’s personal. Even though I post a lot on social media, I am reluctant to post about close family or friends.

However, I have multiple stories like this from my friends and clients that I need to share.

Do we know if our turmeric directly reduced her brain lesions? It is hard to say and we can’t make that claim without a controlled research study of my Aunt Helen.

But, we do know that many studies show that 500-2000 mg of turmeric extract per day have anti-tumor properties. In addition, this specific dose of turmeric extract has been shown in studies to reduce joint pain, inflammation, alleviate digestive problems, improve memory, and help with dementia.

Why is Active Atoms turmeric the best choice for you?

Our turmeric is 15x more potent than the top-selling turmeric on Amazon and many other brands. We have the highest amount of turmeric extract per capsule available.

Most turmeric capsules have only a fraction of what you need. Most suppliers only give you 50-100 mgs of turmeric extract per capsule.

In fact, the top-selling turmeric on Amazon has only 50 mgs of turmeric extract per capsule. You might think: how could so many people be wrong? Well, it’s easy. It’s cheap to buy and companies buy reviews. Then, it’s just a numbers game after that.

Think about it. You can’t trust what you read unless you do your research.

When you wake up in the morning do you want to take 15 turmeric capsules just to get the same benefit as taking one of our capsules?

I am thinking you would soon find reasons to skip taking it.

However, it’s possible that you may enjoy taking capsules during the day if you pace yourself. You could run into an issue though if you want to up your dosage.

Most studies show that you need 500-2000 mg of turmeric extract per day. That could mean you are taking 30 capsules just to get the same benefit as 2 of our capsules. To be honest, I have a hard enough time just taking 2.

What if your loved ones are sick? Do you want them taking a supplement that is just a placebo?

When I found out that my dad had an inflamed prostate I was able to confidently recommend our turmeric for him because I knew how powerful it was.

Because we are so sure you will start seeing results within 1-2 weeks, we have a 100-day money-back guarantee. And for all those who love saving money, I have good news.

Our turmeric has the best price per milligrams of turmeric extract on the market. We are taking less margin on our product because we want you to be healthy.

You can find our turmeric on our website or on Amazon. You can also read our other powerful stories.

About Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT