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How You’re Helping Us Fight Sex Trafficking Worldwide

Rescue Freedom Blog Post

When we started Active Atoms, we had a vision to be become a beacon of hope for people fighting for their freedom. Our high potency turmeric extract helps people fight against inflammation, pain, and injuries that restrict their quality of life and freedom to move. It has always been extremely rewarding to hear stories from customers who have used Active Atoms to help them escape chronic pain or return to their favorite activities post-injury.

But we weren’t going to stop there. We wanted to provide financial assistance to people who were manipulated, exploited, and abused by greedy individuals more concerned with profit than the value of human life. The most atrocious example of this greed and selfish ambition is found in the sex trafficking industry.

In 2020, we were finally able to make a 5-year old dream come true by officially partnering with Rescue: Freedom International Rescue: Freedom is an international non-profit organization dedicated to “empower[ing] the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent[ing] exploitation.” Since 2012, Rescue: Freedom has impacted the lives of more than 49,000 individuals worldwide through their international network of partners who provide “boots on the ground” assistance to the most vulnerable people.

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Active Atoms is thrilled to be part of Team Freedom, as we donate $4 for every 2-month supply bottle and $6 for every 4-month supply bottle sold. Our donations specifically provide support in the form of food, nutrition, and safe shelter to women and children living in India embarking on their new lives.

We chose to help woman and children living in India because India has the highest number of people in modern slavery according to Statista.

As you may recall, scenes from the movie, Slumdog Millionaire highlighted some of the problems India faces. Also, since our turmeric primarily originates in India, we felt it would be special to give back to their welfare.

Thanks to the support of our customers and the hard work of Rescue: Freedom’s team of local partners, children like Anya* are now safe, free, and in school. Read Anya’s full story, courtesy of Rescue: Freedom, below.

GOOD NEWS: In India, a five-year-old girl is now in school and far away from the vulnerabilities of the red light district!

Anya’s* mother was a victim of human trafficking as a result of familial trafficking through her Uncle, who sold her at a young age.

She was transferred from one brothel to another until she found herself near the safe home of our Local Partner.

*image courtesy of Rescue: Freedom International

When she became pregnant with Anya, she was frightened that she would be unable to keep her safe.

Once Anya was born, our Local Partner kept in close contact with her and her mother and eventually secured a spot for Anya in the daycare center.

Although she was safe during the day, that didn’t solve the problem of when she would return home to the brothel to be with her mother, surrounded by the vulnerabilities that come with living in a brothel.

The situation became increasingly dangerous for young Anya, and our Local Partner recognized that she would soon likely become a victim herself without intervention.

After building a relationship and trust with Anyas’s mother over several years, she agreed to let her take up permanent residency at our girl's home, where she could not only be kept safe but start attending school for the first time.

When Anya first arrived, the trauma she had endured living at a brothel caused her to be distant and angry, and it was rare to see her smile.

A year later, she now is a little girl that laughs openly, interacts with others, and is thriving in her education!

Anya’s freedom and safety is a direct result of hard work by dedicated Local Partners, Rescue: Freedom International, and Active Atoms customers. Together, with Rescue: Freedom International, we are changing lives, one life at a time.

Freedom from inflammation for you. Freedom from slavery for them. Thank you for joining us in this important fight.

*NOTE: image and name changed to protect the survivors in Rescue: Freedom’s care.

**Anya’s story courtesy of Rescue: Freedom International.

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