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Misleading claims about Turmeric – 5 examples and how to read labels


If you haven’t been getting results from Turmeric, there may be a good reason. Many of the Turmeric supplement companies are making claims that are entirely false or very misleading.

It is well known that supplement companies say things that aren’t proven in order for you to buy their product. Since starting Active Atoms, we noticed many claims about Turmeric were misleading, but it seems to be getting worse. This is why we are writing this now.

We did a ton of research before starting with our formula. Our 750 mgs of Turmeric Extract per capsule is the highest amount you and get into a capsule of our size (regular).

What do studies show that you need?

Studies show you need 500 mgs-2000 mgs of Turmeric Extract per day to get therapeutic benefits. Many companies fill their capsules with Turmeric powder which is much cheaper than Turmeric extract because they want to make more money by having high margins.

Turmeric Powder only contains 4-6% of the powerful anti-inflammatory compounds in Turmeric compared to Turmeric Extract which contains 95% of the anti-inflammatory compounds. You can learn how much turmeric to take daily by reading this article: What is the optimal Turmeric dosage for inflammation?

We expected many companies to embellish their language. Claims of “high potency” were common for cheap Turmeric supplements. But now they are taking it a step further and actually lying. Here are some examples from Amazon listings at the time this article was written:



This company claims they are the "highest potency available" which couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look at this label zoomed in:


You will see the serving size is three capsules. One of their capsule has 50 mgs of Turmeric Extract.

That means our formula is 15x stronger and yet they claim they have the “highest potency available”.


The next company again is lying to you and quite misleading. They list 2600 mgs of Turmeric per serving and also say “highest potency”.


Let’s zoom in on the label to see whats in it:


They have a serving size of 4 capsules. Crazy right!

They added more capsules to the serving size so they can advertise more turmeric per serving. But they don’t tell you how much Turmeric Extract is in their formula.

The only reason they would do this is because they have almost no Turmeric Extract per capsule and almost all Turmeric Root Powder which is very cheap. Turmeric Root is their first ingredient which tells us they have very little extract.

Our guess would be that they probably have 50 mgs of Turmeric Extract per capsule like the company above also making Active Atoms Turmeric Extract at least 15x stronger.


Like the first two companies, this next company also claims “highest potency”.


Let’s take a look at the label.


This company has a serving size of 2 capsules. Each capsule has 800 mgs of Turmeric Powder and only 50 mgs of Turmeric Extract. So again, Active Atoms Turmeric is 15x more potent. They get one big Pinocchio!


Some companies are just misleading. This company which is sold at Costco and on Amazon claims “Ultra-high Absorption but doesn’t tell you why you should believe them and what is in their formula besides Turmeric Extract.


Let’s zoom in to read the label.


Here you can see they advertise ultra high absorption without telling you what exactly is in the product that makes it such.

They do give you 500 mgs of Turmeric Extract per capsule which is higher than most but not as high as Active Atoms Turmeric Formula of 750 mg.


This last company is lying and also misleading. They claim “best” and “15x high potency” and even named it #1 Turmeric Curcumin.


Let’s take a look at the label.


Their serving size is 2 capsules delivers the same amount of Turmeric Extract as one of Active Atoms.  This isn’t as bad as some. They put ginger in their formula which is probably good for you, but research shows that it is Curcumin that is the powerful anti-inflammatory as well as having all the good effects on the brain.

They have 375 mgs of Turmeric Extract per capsule, so if you take their serving size of 2 capsules, it at least gets you past the minimum of 500 mgs needed per day. But it is not 15X anything and not the most potent formula on the market so it gets a BIG Pinocchio.

I wish companies make things up just to get people to buy. The unfortunate thing is that many of the Amazon listings for Turmeric have misleading headlines.

Do your research!

Please do your research before buying or taking Turmeric as a supplement! There are many companies selling Turmeric that rely on buying reviews to get people to think their capsules filled with cheap powder are effective. You can learn how to make a smart purchase by reading this article: 3 tips to choose the best turmeric supplement 

Also, please read the studies on PubMed for thousands of scientific studies on Curcumin. We believe getting Curcumin in the form of Turmeric Extract is the best thing you can do.

Our high potency Turmeric Extract is available for purchase on our website or Amazon.

About Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT