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To inspire you to make authentic healthy choices
based on facts and lead you to the best outcome for your life.


The Story of Active Atoms

The vision for Active Atoms began when physical therapist, Dr. Marc Robinson and entrepreneur, Sam Vandervalk were traveling in Costa Rica in December of 2016.

When they weren’t ziplining or playing with monkeys, Sam asked Marc to consider helping him build a worldwide travel company.

Marc had multiple offers to make a lot more money than he was making, but he decided to stick with his passion to help people recover from injuries.

After their Costa Rica trip, Marc and Sam discussed how they could start a company that would give people access and knowledge to products that would be a large boost in helping them get out of pain in a natural and lasting way.

While Marc was working in a physical therapy clinic at Sharp hospital, he continually fielded questions from his patients who wanted to reduce pain and inflammation without having to take Ibuprofen.

After realizing his patients needed a better option to reduce inflammation, he spent over 6 months reading and talking through the research on many natural supplements like fish oil, turmeric and other supplements. After all this time combing through study after study, one supplement had more conclusive evidence than any other—and by a big margin.

Numerous studies showed that turmeric extract taken at a high dose is comparable to Ibuprofen for reducing pain and inflammation especially for arthritis.

This would be a massive breakthrough if people could reduce their reliance on Ibuprofen and take turmeric extract instead.

Marc contacted dozens of supplement manufacturers across United States and found an FDA-inspected facility that could provide them with the maximum amount of turmeric extract that could fit in one standard-size capsule.

They were able to fit 750 mg of turmeric extract in one capsule. To our knowledge, this is the highest amount of turmeric extract per capsule of this size on the market. We ended up with what we believe is the best possible supplement you can take to reduce inflammation.


Why Active Atoms turmeric is a product your friends and family can take with confidence.

We want you to have a product that we believe in 100%. We started out small by testing Active Atoms turmeric with us and our friends and family instead of launching a huge marketing campaign.

Over the past two years, we have listened to stories of friends and family alleviating arthritis pain, overcoming cancer, and other incredible health benefits when taking Active Atoms turmeric.

Now, we are focused on sharing our message with the world because we are confident our turmeric supplement has potential to help millions of people who suffer with every day pains and inflammatory ailments like dementia, diabetes, digestive problems, cancer, and arthritis.

We can’t promise it will help you, but we have seen our turmeric improve these ailments in our friends and family so we know it works. There are also many studies to parallel the results we have personally seen.

Antioxidant 01

We advertise facts, not over-hyped jargon.

One thing that alarmed us when doing research on marketing was the amount of mis-information many companies used to sell their products. Either the marketing people for these companies were unaware of what they were claiming or they decided they could get away with it and make mega $$$.

Many turmeric supplement companies mislead shoppers by advertising their products as “high potency” or the “best” when they were clearly anything but.

The key to all the studies on Turmeric was having 500-2000 mg of curcuminoids per day.

Most turmeric supplements contain 50-100 mg of curcumin extract per capsule yet they advertise high potency. Compare that with Active Atoms which has 750 mg of curcumin extract.

Do you think it’s right for companies to advertise high potency when they are clearly nothing more than a placebo pill?


Not about the money.

Active Atoms has never been about the money. If we wanted to make more money, we would have filled our capsules with cheaper turmeric root rather than expensive curcumin extract.

A good portion of the market buys because the price is cheap and/or is easily misled because they trust misleading marketing hype. Help us spread the message so that your friends and family get a supplement that is more than just a placebo!


What do we stand for?

Honesty – We believe in telling the truth.

Integrity – We believe in doing the right thing even if no one else is paying attention.

Authenticity – We believe in staying true to what we stand for.

Community – We believe in creating a community of truth-seekers.

Research - We believe in supplements that are supported by the latest research.

Freedom – We believe everyone should have the freedom to pursue health and happiness.

Excellence – We believe in offering the best supplements available.


We have a for-purpose business.

We have committed to donating at least 10% of our profits to fight against the exploitation of women and children sold into sex slavery.

Women and children around the world have their freedoms stripped away when they are manipulated and abused.

Exploitation of vulnerable people is against our belief that everyone should have the freedom to pursue health and happiness.

We believe companies should be giving back to people who need the most help. Giving back is a BIG reason why we started this company.

Please join us in the fight against sex slavery and those who manipulate people for evil purposes.