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Active Atoms is a mission-driven nutrition and supplement company based in the United States specializing in high concentration turmeric extract to fight inflammation.

Dr. Marc (Doctor of Physical Therapy) started Active Atoms in collaboration with other professionals to promote a healthy inflammation response in his clients who were recovering from meniscus tears, sciatica, broken ankle surgery, and other musculoskeletal injuries so they could return back to their normal lives and thrive again.

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We completely respect doctors and value evidence-based medicine, but let's face it, the root causes of health problems are often covered up with 600 mg of Ibuprofen or other medications that may cause harmful long-term side effects.

We believe medications have an important role, but we have a stronger belief that the human body has an untapped potential to heal itself if you give it the right opportunity.

Our goal is simply to provide you with the right amounts of clinically-researched, natural ingredients to promote the best opportunity for healing within your body.

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We believe that big agriculture is broken and the symbiotic relationship between plants, soil, and animals has been corrupted. Corporations seeking maximum profits while damaging the environment is not the best pathway to move forward. A change is needed and we need your help.

Active Atoms wants to promote the switch from unsustainable factory farming that hurts our bodies and the earth to smart chioces like regenerative organic farming that will lead to a healther and longer life for our bodies and the planet. What is regenerative organic farming and how can it boost the nutritional value of food while saving our ecosystem? You can read this article to learn more: Regenerative Farming: What you need to know

We are

Freedom Fighters

From our beginning, we wanted to build a company that helped people live with freedom by empowering people to regain control of their health and providing assistance to vulnerable populations.

In 2020, we were finally able to achieve this 5-year old's dream by officially partnering with Rescue: Freedom International, a non-profit organization fighting human trafficking worldwide.

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Rescue Freedom and Active Atoms


Team Freedom


Active Atoms is thrilled to join Team Freedom, as we donate $4 for every 2-month supply bottle and $6 for every 4-month supply bottle purchased.

Our donations specifically provide support in the form of food, nutrition, and safe shelter to women and children living in India embarking on their new lives.

Thanks to the support of our customers and the dedicated work of Rescue: Freedom’s local partners, children like Anya are now safe, free, and in school. Read Anya’s full story here.

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FDA Registered Facility

Our products are manufactured in an FDA registered and inspected facility to maintain quality control.

Made in the USA

Our products are manufactured in the USA to ensure a high standard of excellence.

Tested for purity

Our ingredients are thoroughly tested for safety and our potency is unsurpassed. 


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